Wobble cushion stability cushion
Wobble Cushion Stability Cushion inc Pump

Wobble Cushion Stability Cushion inc Pump
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This stability cushion is perfect for dancers looking to improve balance and posture
Kneel, or sit on cushion to help build core strength and tone abdominal muscles
Functions equally well when sitting on working at a desk or at home
Includes pump enabling you to let air out of the cushion and decreasing its stability, creating a greater workout challenge!
Inflate or deflate using pump to increase of decrease stability level
Nodules help grip the surface cushion is being used on
Anti-slip dots on smoother side are comfortable when sitting on
Aids posture and can be used for a variety of exercises for a full body workout – the unstable surface engages core muscles
Sit, kneel, stand, plank or perform push-ups with the versatile stability cushion
Dimensions: 33cm (13″) diameter
Material: Latex free PVC

Warnings and instructions:

Remove from box and check for damage before use (a crease or fold marks are normal due to shipping)
Do not use the cushion if there are any signs of damage, e.g. a deep scratch, gouge or holes
Do not overinflate or use high pressure hose to fill. Only use pump included to inflate

Delivery generally 5-7 working days

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