dance on tan performance tan tanning mouse
Dance On™️ Performance Tan Self Tan Mousse

Dance On™️ Performance Tan Self Tan Mousse
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Delighted to announce this fabulous new tried & tested product and essential item for your performances, shows & comps is now IN STOCK in store and on our website.
Exclusive to us in our area and Northwest!
Great for dancers gymnasts and cheerleaders! Or for anyone!
A lovely even tan easy to apply that lasts and no horrid ‘tan odour’!!
Dance On Tan – Self Tan mousse created specifically for dancers and performers.
A deep dark olive brown tan, which creates muscle definition and enhances the physique.Easy application, fast drying and smells amazing. – Easy to apply- Drys in 60 seconds – Baby Powder fragrance- Gradual Tan
it’s AMAZING!!
(In store price £16.50)
Shelf life approx 9 months (to prolong keep in cool place)
The product can be washed off after overnight developing time or if you would like a deeper darker tan no washing required or reapply after washing off the 1st coat
(as with similar products if not used before patch test advised)
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